The BE U! Project was founded by International Recording Artist, Actress and Playwright, Timotha Lanae, and was inspired by the song, Be You, from Lanaeā€™s sophomore album REWIND. The lyrics of Be You address the importance of accepting yourself flaws and all.



What is

TheBE U! Project?

The BE U! Project is an initiative to inspire authentic self-discovery and self-acceptance in order to ignite a joy and purpose filled life!  We believe a healthy, happy life starts with a healthy, happy mind. We want to change the way people think and approach everyday life.

Believe Uhave value and purpose!

Our motto is: Believe you have value and purpose!  You are never too young or too old to delve deeper into your authentic self, which is why we work with people of all ages from children and teenagers to adults.

Our Motto!


Our Theme Song

Our theme song, Be You, inspired founder Timotha Lanae to create The BE U! Project. Be You is featured on her album REWIND.

Be You: Written by Timothy A. Levy, Produced by Ben Obi, Performed by Timotha Lanae

Founder Timotha Lanae with the students of MNIC in Minneapolis, MN for The BE U! Project Workshop.